Chewy The Pomsky

One of the other reasons I have been so busy is that my girlfriend and I got a new puppy. A little bit of background on my thoughts on dogs. I have always been adamant that I will never get a dog. My childhood encounter with dogs have been nothing but miserable. I have been chased down and attacked by various dogs that I was very afraid of them. I guess it doesn’t help that they can sense fear. But with every relationship there has to be some give and take. This was something my girlfriend was adamant about and so sometimes you have to compromise. This is communication and understanding the important things in our significant others lives.

The first thing I had to do was determine what kind of puppy she wanted. I personally didn’t want a big dog because it would be my first time and I don’t think I can handle it. I also didn’t there could be more trouble with regards to biting and barking. So for awhile, we settled on a cockapoo. They were hypoallergenic, medium size and still look adorable. I took the liberty to look around and find one. I was able to and put down a deposit for the new litter of puppies that would be ready by about mid-May. Man was she going to be surprised. It was about 2 weeks ago during her Spring Break that she kept bringing it up that she had time to train a dog now and pushed for getting one. I kept saying no because I already had one in the works. After countless conversations, I had to reveal my plan. She was surprised and joyful but would rather have one now. We then took a look to see what was out there and that was when we came across Chewy.

I spent time at work on Thursday March 17th and found a posting for a Pomsky. My girlfriend loves Huskies but I was in no shape to have such a big dog. Pomsky are medium size and they also look cute, especially when they are black and white. So that day I found somebody selling 2 Pomsky in Dallas. I sent her the pictures and she immediately fell in love. Even then, I was still not fully on board because I had already put down a deposit on the cockapoo that was about to be born any day now. On Friday, I reached out to them to the owners to see when they would be able to meet because it would be a four hour drive. They told me they had a couple that wanted to see it around 3 that day and another couple coming Saturday morning. The only way we would get one is if we go to Dallas that day. The biggest decision we had was whether we wanted the white one or the brown one. I wanted the white one and she wanted the brown one. I was thinking, maybe its good that other couple is choosing first, that way we wouldn’t have to make a decision. I told my girlfriend about the scenario and she was sadden but also a little relieved because it would be a hard choice. Around noon, the owners responded back saying the couple couldn’t make it and if I came, I could choose any of them. I didn’t tell my girlfriend that we would now have a choice.

I left work early and we took a road trip to Dallas to pick up our new puppy. The trip was great and we discussed things like training points, names and tried to decide which one we wanted. We had no supplies and luckily the owners wanted to meet at a Walmart. Once we were in Walmart, things started to be real. They texted us they were here and we came outside. The guy came outside holding both of them in his hands. OMG they were so small and so cute. We were hoping one would be cuter than the other to make an easy decision but it was impossible. Both were just tooooo cute. We ultimately ended up choosing the brown one and named him Chewy, short for Chewbacca J. The car ride back was a breeze, he seemed to like me more and didn’t act up as much. He was born on January 20th 2016…we would have died if he was born January 21st because that is our anniversary.

Here are the pictures below of when we saw the ad, when we got him, and what he looks like now.


The first couple of nights were rough. He drinks a lot of water and peed everywhere haha. He also took a poo once when I went into the bathroom…he must have thought I was leaving him haha. He has been better now and can hold it for awhile. He has not had a poo accident since then but still needs to learn that peeing inside is not allowed. Dogs are weird. They have random surges of energy, sleeps all day but stays awake all night. We think we have done a good job training him, he knows how to sit and shake hands. He has done a good job informing us he needs to potty. He does bite and bark a lot but we are trying to find ways to train him to stop.

2 weeks in I think things are probably better than expected. He got neutered last week so that was a big change haha. He handled it better than we thought but did have an extra amount of testosterone the first couple of days. We had to put the cone of shame on him to make sure he doesn’t lick his wound. We removed the cone yesterday and he seems happier and now has more vision. Man has he changed. He is probably twice as big now.

So that is the story of getting a dog. You can follow him on Instagram @ChewyThePomsky


Fantasy Basketball 2016 Over :(

Life has been too hectic. I hope to write a few pieces today and updates on each event in my life.

My seemingly unstoppable team was poised to win it all but it didn’t pull through. Johnny Lam put up a great fight with healthy players that ended up being better than my poor free agent pickups as well as injuries and missing games from my key guys. If Kawhi Leonard was healthy, the championship would be mine but all is not lost. This is my best finish in this league and I will come back next year with a vengeance. Once again Congrats to Johnny Lam for winning his second championship in 3 years. Is this the start of a dynasty? Check out our league at JohtoWorld.


Lonely Weekend

Happy Weekend!

I hope everybody is enjoying their weekend. I am unfortunately alone. My girlfriend is on spring break and having a blast in Mexico City. I on the other hand have to spend the weekend working and miserable. Hopefully I can finish my work early today and do something but we will see. I will have some time to update on strategy in the Investing section so stay tuned.

As far as my life goes, my flag football team lost in the second round of the playoffs. We had a 1st round bye but couldn’t do anything to muster out a victory. My basketball league has 2 more regular season games before playoffs. All our games are close but we have not been able to close out any of our teams. It has been one of our worst regular season but maybe we can step it up during the playoffs that start March 20th.

Fantasy basketball has been relaxed this week. In the Johto League, I have a first round bye and is looking like I will be facing Ronnie in the next round. It’s going to be tough but I think my team will be ready to take him down. In my other league, we are wrapping up the final week of the regular season and I am also in first place and will have a 1st round bye as well.

I will try to be more active and post more going forwards but it has been hectic at work. Until next time readers.