Trading Days 26-31

Good evening!

Last week was hectic, I had so many expiring positions and not enough time to check them. I was on vacation the second half of Thursday and was not expecting time Friday. I think this is one of the reasons we try to close positions for profits or roll positions earlier than anticipated. The issue here is most of mine were close to either being a winner or big loser so I had to take my chances. Some of these are defined risks so I didn’t have a problem doing it.

I scathed by this time around with the same two positions hurting me. I do have a few more weeks left in the AMGN and COST positions. I keep telling myself to be more mechanical and take profits quicker and I will try to do that. One of the things I do like to do is to not recognize losses on my position and this is one of the things that is hard to deal with. I don’t like losing so will do what I can to make it better.

Another thing I was unaware of today and would like to thank Tastyworks for informing me was of a potential dividend call. My position in PM was going ex-dividend tomorrow and they alerted me of that. I had to close the position for a lost but will probably put on a small position with the same assumptions to try and break even.

My life is back to normal and I will be doing this more often. I am also trying to get back on an exercise routine so I can’t be up late writing instead of sleeping.

Night readers!


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