Trading day 9

Good evening!

Didn’t have a great day today as the market gained some steam. I hope enough of it fizzles off until Friday so that we can recapture some profits. I really need to stay mechanical and away from the shorter time duration stuff if I am going to make it.

Here are my trades for the day

  • HTZ – Closed out the other 3 short options on the 20 Put expiring in 2 days
  • HTZ – Got out of my 20 strangle and moved it up to the 25 strangle. This stock just went up out of nowhere so trying to capture some credits and will have a loss on this trade come Friday
  • YELP – I was able to roll my short 36 call expiring in 2 days to the short 37.5 calls expiring in 16 days for even
  • SPX – Rolled up the put side of the iron condor for $155 bucks. I will be hit with a max loss. I tried to close out of it for under $500 but couldn’t and since this is a cash settled index, I will be fine
  • SPX – I tried to be cute and basically bought a strangle hoping for a late move and make back the loss in the Iron Condor. I was stuck in a meeting and didn’t realize what I needed to sell in order to wash the loss out. Instead I basically loss the credit received from rolling the short side up

I am hoping for a market pullback. I have PCLN, RUT, WM and HTZ with expiration this Friday. There are some other positions testing me and am looking to manage those either to another strike or longer expiration.


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